dance Dance — I've been practicing Brazilian Zouk form of social dance for about 4 years now. As much as I love Robotics, this is my escape from my professional life. Little else makes me so happy as that feeling of harmony from a nice dance; it's my meditation!
climb Rock Climbing — What started as a social hobby has grown into something I've grown very fond of. Scaling a hard route gives me a dual satisfaction of problem-solving as well as physical can-do. It is also the one place where falling is fun!
travel Travel — Who doesn't love exporing a place quite different than any they've known, and meet people very unlike them. WHat excites me is thrill of being on a unique adventure as the place, the company, the strangers and sheer coincidences all come together to build wonderful memories of a lifetime.
read Reading — I grew up a voracious reader, and till date find solace in turning pages as I drift to sleep. The younger me read solely to be transported to another world, the reading being limited to fiction, but I've lately explored out of that zone and have discovered some beautiful pieces. Not trusting my own memory on when I read what, I've begun to log my reads here.